Best 2023 Product Leadership Insights: Exclusive Tracks From Our Industry-Leading Conference

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In May 2023, a monumental event unfolded at the Women In Product conference. It was a product leadership event that was inspiring and a catalyst for change in the industry. 

Thousands of community members gathered to discuss and explore the blueprint for carving a path in the product world. Our esteemed panel of expert speakers guided us through various subjects, discussing the development of professional and personal communities, leadership, and the future of technology. 

We are thrilled to share that these illuminating discussions are now accessible for all to watch.

From elevating your career to navigating personal growth, we compiled essential leadership skills and insights from the conference just for you. Plus, we split them into unique learning tracks to cater to your professional aspirations. 

Elevating Your Career

Product leaders from renowned organizations like Coursera and Discover reveal their personal journeys to success and offer valuable insights into their unique paths. They provide compelling narratives and practical advice on how you, too, can forge your own distinct trajectory in the product space. Watch >>

Navigating Your Personal & Professional Growth 

Next, we hear from product experts who impart valuable guidance on job hunting, cultivating your professional network, and discovering your unique voice as a member of a traditionally underrepresented group in the tech industry. Watch >>

Leading and Managing Teams 

Leadership abilities deeply intertwine with one’s personal and professional life progress. Here, we’ll delve into insights from top product speakers on effectively leading teams to the finish line, building relationships, and using team management tools in the workplace. Watch >>

Watch the Replays from the Women in Product Leadership Conference

Hot Topics in Product: AI

The buzz around machine learning and AI is everywhere. Women In Product community members offer valuable insights into the current intersection of AI and product development. As AI continues to reshape the landscape of product design and functionality, we learn how to take advantage of the burgeoning industry. Watch >>

Hot Topics in Tech 

Presenters tackle distinct trends and issues in tech, from customizing technology in virtual reality to keeping up with the continually evolving dynamics of privacy policies. Our team of product leaders has expertly navigated and mastered the latest trends to provide you with the most relevant insights. Watch >>

New Perspectives & Thinking Differently 

Product leaders from the Women In Product community offer fresh insights from their specific sectors and experiences that have shaped their strategic approaches. Watch >>

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