Community-Driven Content

Thank you for your submissions to speak at the 2024 Women In Product Conference.

All of our conference programming is created by the community for the community. This year, 417 people submitted a proposal for 24WIP! We’re excited to announce this year’s speakers soon.

We hope to see you at 24WIP on May 14 & 15 as we join together to Evolve and Excel.

This recap video covers:

  • How the committee approaches reviewing submissions
  • Frameworks for building winning titles
  • How to identify compelling topics
  • Keys to choosing a format for your idea
  • Drilling down your key takeaways

Short on time? View the quick clips on choosing proposal titles and topics below.

Benefits of Speaking at a Women In Product Conference


your public speaking skills. Gain experience with a global live audience. Selected speakers are invited to attend a private speaker training event to help you present with impact and interactivity on March 28.


your network and boost your brand — we will boost your profile via our newsletter, social channels, at the event, speaker database, and more.

And Connect

with more than 3,000 attendees and share your knowledge with our global community of women in product.



Women In Product Conference’s programming is community-driven. A team of community members review and score each submission a minimum of 3 times. The top 25% of submissions move on to the next step. 


A group of community leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences work together to shape sessions and the overall agenda with content that is relevant to a wide range of product managers.

Final Selection

The Women In Product team reviews and finalizes selected programming and all submissions are notified by March 11.


We assure you a high-quality lineup of speakers and workshops at 24WIP! You’ll walk away with a rich set of tangible resources from each session – our speakers share worksheets, guides, useful decks, and other tools you can take back to work and implement immediately.

We are looking for a diverse group of WIP community members to assist our team in selecting content for this year’s virtual conference by rating and reviewing speaker submissions.

Speakers commit to

  • Prepare
    • Attend a private speaker training event on March 28
    • Design, refine, and rehearse for your live session at 24WIP
  • Promote the event and your appearance via your social channels.
  • Tech-check at a drop-in platform training on May 8 or 10.
  • Attend the conference, present or lead your live session, workshop, or discussion on May 14-15.
    • (on-stage speakers) Host a live 30-minute follow-up interactive session with attendees after your stage segment. This session will not be recorded.

Important Speaker Dates

  • February 5 – March 1: Submissions are reviewed by Community Reviewers and Selection Committee
  • March 11: All submissions notifications of status
  • March 28 Attend a private speaker training event
  • May 8 or 10: Tech-check and drop-in platform training
  • May 14 – 15: Women In Product Virtual Conference 2024