Building Your Product Career

Crafting a Successful Product Strategy

Your 5-Element Framework By: Yasi Baiani, Chief Product Officer at Raya A solid and sound product strategy is a treasure trove for both your product department and your company! Product strategy is what sets your North Star, clarifies what everyone should work on,...

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Elevate Your Prioritization Strategy with “Yes, And”

By: Kasey Alderete, VP of Product, The Language of Priorities For those outside of Product Management, the word 'priority' might sound like a bad word. Consider this scenario of a PM responding to someone who brings them a feature request:PM: “What’s the...

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The Path to CPO is Guided By Your Relationships

"I think enjoying your journey is just as important as making sure it's the right next step for you." - Amory Wakefield By: Kim Blight, Director of Product Operations at ActiveCampaign Introduction On the latest episode of the Women In Product Path to CPO Podcast,...

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