Evolve & Excel: Women In Product X Discover | Chicago Regional Event

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday, May 9
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM CDT
  • Location: Discover, Downtown Chicago
  • The 606, 350 N. Orleans St., Chicago, IL 60654

Spend your evening at this after-hours gathering, which is designed to launch you into the Women In Product 2024 Conference and beyond. Engage, learn, and network with Chicago’s product innovators, with content and curated connections all geared toward helping you excel in product management.

The 606


Ashley Phillips

Ashley Phillips

Director of Product, Aura Home, Inc.

Shelby King

Shelby King

VP, Network Operations, Teamshares

Varsha Gaddam

Varsha Gaddam

Senior Product Manager

Toni Sargeant

Toni Sargeant

Director, B2B Payment Products & Partnerships, AMEX

Laura Graves

Laura Graves

E-Commerce & Payments Product Leader; Advisor, gritmind

Himica Kumar

Himica Kumar

Senior Product Manager, Adyen

Shalini Mani

Shalini Mani

Senior Director, Product Management and Operations, Student Loans, Discover Financial Services

Kristen DeLap

Kristen DeLap

Vice President, Digital Product and UX, MillerKnoll

Wendy Shotts

Wendy Shotts

Director of Acquisition Marketing, Discover Financial Services

Erin Daugherty

Erin Daugherty

Director Portfolio Enablement, Discover Financial Services

Liz MacNair

Liz MacNair

Senior Manager - Deposits Mobile App, Discover Financial Services

Anna Stevens

Anna Stevens

Senior Manager Loyalty Marketing, Discover Financial Services

Valeri Vanourek

Valeri Vanourek

Vice President, Digital Products, Discover Financial Services

Thanks to Discover for hosting this incredible night!

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What You’ll Experience

Speed Presentations & Mini-Panels

Gain powerful insights from local product leaders. These sessions are designed to help each attendee evolve their approach to product management so they can excel in their roles.

Structured Networking

Transform connections into opportunities as you forge meaningful relationships that can propel your product management career.

Interactive Breakout Discussions

Engage more deeply with topics crucial to product management. From mastering innovative interview strategies to stepping into executive roles, these breakout sessions will help you evolve your skills and leadership capabilities.

Sessions Include

💡KICKOFF PANEL: Leverage Community to Evolve & Excel Your Career

Discover the founding story of WIP Chicago and learn how it became a cornerstone for career advancement and networking for women in product management. Our pioneering members will share insights into overcoming challenges, building a vibrant community, and leveraging it for career growth, leadership opportunities, and industry transitions. Join us for an empowering session that promises to inspire and connect.

Ashley Phillips Director of Product, Aura Home, Inc
Toni Sargeant Director, B2B Payment Products & Partnerships, AMEX
Shelby King VP, Network Operations, Teamshares
Moderated by Laura Graves, E-Commerce & Payments Product Leader

💡Breakout Main Session: Redefining Product, Enabling Technologies & Platforms

This panel brings together a group of accomplished women from Discover Financial Services who are shaping the future of financial services through strategic innovation and robust technology integration.

Collectively, this group is responsible for:

  • Spearheading initiatives that enhance customer acquisition through cutting-edge marketing strategies
  • Optimizing product portfolios to maximize value and efficiency across services
  • Leading product teams to deliver solutions that are not only viable but also vital to enhancing customer engagement
  • Crafting long-term strategies that align with emerging market trends and company goals.
  • Overseeing the implementation of complex programs that bridge the gap between strategy and technology.
  • Guiding the development and execution of digital product initiatives that drive innovation and customer satisfaction.

These product leaders will explore emerging trends reshaping product development and customer interaction in the financial sector. You’ll get insight into the strategic Innovation and cross-functional collaboration processes and strategies that drive sustained adaptability, product success, and organizational growth in a highly competitive environment.

This session promises to be an insightful exploration of how technology and strategic vision come together to redefine product management in the financial services industry and to share perspectives on harnessing technology to create impactful products and services, fostering an environment of continuous innovation and growth.

This session promises to be an insightful exploration of how technology and strategic vision come together to redefine product management in the financial services industry and to share perspectives on harnessing technology to create impactful products and services, fostering an environment of continuous innovation and growth.

Panelists include:

Wendy Shotts, Director Acquisition Marketing
Erin Daugherty, Director Portfolio Enablement
Liz MacNair, Senior Manager Product Owner
Shalini Mani, Senior Director Product Strategy
Anna Stevens, Senior Manager Program Management
Valeri Vanourek, Vice President Digital Products

🗣 Small Group Discussion Rooms*:

Interview Case Study – hosted by Himica Kumar, Senior Product Manager, Adyen & Varsha Gaddam, Strategic Senior Product Manager

This small-group breakout, open to PMs currently interviewing or preparing to interview, is a hands-on practice session designed specifically for interviewing product managers to engage directly with experienced PMs who will coach you through real-world case studies, mimicking the high-stakes environment of a job interview.

Case studies are a cornerstone of the product management interview process, designed to assess a candidate’s analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and ability to drive product decisions under pressure. They challenge candidates to demonstrate critical thinking, strategic insight, and practical knowledge by navigating complex business scenarios and proposing innovative solutions.

👥 Leadership Group Coaching – hosted by Kristen DeLap

Elevate your leadership skills and strategic capabilities in this exclusive group coaching session tailored for director-level and above product managers. This small-group breakout offers a unique collaborative environment where participants share real-world challenges they are currently facing, and upvote to select topics for focus. Led by a coach with extensive experience in product management leadership, this session is designed to foster peer learning and expert guidance in a confidential setting.

At the director level, challenges often revolve around key areas such as creating efficient processes, ensuring organizational alignment, articulating clear visions, formulating robust strategies, and managing high-performing teams. This session provides a platform for participants to bring these issues to the forefront, seeking solutions and sharing feedback and experiences that resonate with senior management roles.

Check-in on time for small group discussion rooms: The interview case study breakout is available to PMs currently interviewing or preparing to interview. The leadership group coaching breakout is available to PMs at the Director+ level. Both will be interactive discussions, with sign-in at event arrival.

Why Join Us?

Celebrate your professional achievements, take part in conversations that will shape product management, and connect with a network that’s redefining leadership and innovation in your field.

Ready to excel together? Spaces are limited. Grab your ticket now and step into a community that defines product excellence.

Lead, learn, and evolve with the best in the industry.


Event Specifics

What companies will be sending hiring managers to the May 9 event?

This event is an opportunity to engage, learn, and network with Chicago’s product innovators, but not a recruiting fair. While there will be attendees from a variety of companies in the Chicago region, they will be there to experience the event just like you. We encourage you to take advantage of our structured networking sessions to make connections that matter and that have the potential to help you boost your visibility, grow your confidence, and learn to frame your accomplishments in ways hiring managers will notice.

Will there be a virtual option for or a recording of this event? I will be out of town that evening, but would still like to attend.

This event is in-person only, and will not be recorded for later viewing – it is being designed exclusively as a dynamic, interactive environment that could not be replicated virtually.

Our full Women In Product conference on May 14 and 15, however, will be held virtually, with many sessions (including our incredible keynote lineup) recorded and available exclusively for one month after the event. If your schedule won’t allow you to join us in person in Chicago, we hope you’ll join us virtually the following week!

Why is there a cost associated with this event?

Women In Product is a 501c3, and we strive to make great content and connections as accessible as possible all year long. Our private Facebook group, many of our virtual and local events, the community knowledge center, podcast, the WIP Career Center, and our robust library of YouTube learning replays are all FREE.

The efforts to develop, coordinate, curate, edit, and share these resources to ensure we make them available to the most women possible – and the costs associated with supporting our volunteer-led chapters with tools and resources – are funded by our more premium offerings and annual conference.

We aspire to live in a world where we have achieved equity on every level for ALL people in product, and all companies and industries provide their PMs with the support they need to thrive. Until then – there’s work to be done.

Ticket Pricing and Packages

Is the cost for this event separate from the cost for the 24WIP virtual event on May 14 and 15?

Yes. The cost for this event is $99+service fees ($49+service fees if you are a student or in between product management roles). That fee includes a $49 discount code for the May 14 and 15 event, which will arrive in your event confirmation email. There is also an option to purchase the two events as a bundle from the May 9 event ticketing page. The price for that option is $299+service fees, and includes entry to the in-person event in Chicago and the live virtual event on May 14 and 15.

Is discount admission available for this event?

If you are a student or between product management roles, you are eligible for a $49+fees ticket. That ticket does not guarantee entry to breakout sessions – please ask about the capacity for those sessions during check-in.

If I’ve already purchased a ticket to the virtual conference on May 14 and 15 and now want to purchase a ticket to attend in person on May 9, am I still eligible for conference bundle pricing for this event?

Definitely! Please send an email to info@womenpm.org, let us know your situation, and we’ll handle that for you.

If I’m a Discover employee, do I still need to register and pay for my ticket?

Yes. This is a premium ticket to a paid public event hosted by Discover. However, if you are interested in joining as a Discover employee volunteer, reach out to tiffanyleung@discover.com, who is coordinating that effort.