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Conference Agenda

The 24WIP lineup is stacked with learning opportunities and the chance to connect with peers! We’ll be diving in to all things PM with discussions on topics like designing responsible tech and unraveling the mysteries of AI and ML. You’ll get new perspectives on the age old professional questions: managing teams, planning your own professional roadmap, and working cross-functionally! 24WIP promises to be an adventure-packed journey through the ever-evolving landscape of product management.

Each conference day will begin at 8 am PT. The times below are adjusted to match the timezone in your system settings.
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What’s Happening at 24WIP

a glimpse at the virtual conference:


  • 3 Stages with 4 Keynote Talks and 33 Breakout Talks
  • Live Interactive Discussions where speaker’s will answer your questions and hold space for conversations
  • 16 Live Workshops led by experts who will walk you through exercises with actionable takeaways
  • Community-led Roundtables to gather and discuss topics by industry, job level, or join affinity groups like moms in product or black women in product
  • 1:1 coffee chats to meet and connect with peers
  • Exclusive access to all recordings 1 month after the event