23WIP Workshop Host

Claire Lumbang

Client Success Coach
Real You Leadership

Claire Lumbang, 2023 Women In Product Workshop Host

Claire is a certified coach, specializing in leadership, self-advocacy, and healing.

She’s a daughter of Filipino immigrants, grew up in Sacramento, and currently lives in Ohlone Homeland colonially known as SF Bay Area.

Claire is committed to helping BIPOC Women & Femmes clients evolve into the best version of themselves. She guides clients to move through any blockers so they can show up to any space unapologetically and authentically themselves.

With Real You Leadership, she’s able to align her leadership purpose: to create future change-makers by first supporting their internal healing and making space for their liberation and vision.

She guides group coaching clients throughout their 6-month journey and conducts their 1:1 coaching sessions. Claire also holds space for learning and curiosity in Real You Leadership’s workshop as a co-facilitator. Her goal is to create a safe, judgment-free environment so that you can show up exactly as you are.

Claire has a background in B2B Sales, Freelance Biz Operations and Marketing, Event Management, and Food Entrepreneurship.

Outside of Real You Leadership, she’s a Filipino food ambassador, sharing her culture and food for future generations through a pop-up called Likha and her food blog and TikTok.

She’s a mother of two rambunctious cats, a gifted playlist creator, and a romance novel enthusiast who geeks out on skincare and makeup and loves to bake bread.

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