23WIP Workshop Host

Connie Kwan

Product Maestro

Connie Kwan, 2023 Women In Product Workshop Host

Connie is the Storyteller and CEO of Product Maestro. Having honed her Product skills at Microsoft and Atlassian, Kwan now accelerates Seed to Series A startups as their Fractional Chief Product Officer and Product Advisor.

She is a 3x Product Executive specializing in Product-led, B2B, Marketplaces, Web 3.0. and Dev ecosystems, as well as an entrepreneur, advisor, and active speaker on the topic of product storytelling.

Connie has given talks on Storytelling as a Keynote speaker for eCornell University and at the Product Management Festival in Zurich. She is a master at engaging different audiences through powerful narratives.

Her company, Product Maestro, offers a 6-week Storytelling Class for Founders and Rising Leaders. Her proprietary 6-Storyteller System is used by founders to pitch for funding and rising leaders to gain executive buy-in.

Find out which of 6 storyteller types you are at https://www.productmaestro.com/storyteller



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