23WIP Speaker

Evelyn Chou

Senior Product Manager,

Evelyn Chou, 2023 Women In Product Speaker

With more than 15 years of experience across different industries, Evelyn has built data products, navigated complex compliance challenges, and launched features in different cities. Her career has been a tapestry of growth and impact.

When Evelyn was at Capital One, she managed a team shipping analytics features and enabling digital transformation. When she was at Uber, she worked on the Growth team responsible for understanding the complexity of major cities’ acquisition funnels and helped the team navigate through regulatory challenges.

She’s currently working in Product at Coursera, and she’s building rigor and processes to supercharge growth through product innovation.

Aside from Evelyn’s industry background, she’s also been an individual contributor and people manager. From navigating workplace dynamics to building a team from scratch at a conservative company, she can relate to the yearning to grow and find an authentic voice. She’s fortunate to be connected with the product community, and she constantly looks for ways to give back through sharing career advice and mentoring.

Outside of work, Evelyn’s involved in mission-driven organizations and has helped launch initiatives to bring people together. Women In Product has been one of the new communities she discovered during the pandemic. Having been in the community for a few years, Evelyn always tries to offer valuable feedback when she read people’s questions in the WIP Facebook group.

Leaders at WIP also inspired her to take on stretch goals that include sharing her story with others — Deb Liu inspired her writing and Lisa Kostova encouraged her to submit a speaking proposal.



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