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Jamie Martin

Leadership Coach
Jamie Martin Coaching

Jamie Martin, 2023 Women In Product Workshop Host

Jamie Martin is a Life and Leadership Coach who is hired by women who are sick and tired of self-doubt holding them back from the life they truly want. They want to stop overthinking everything and own life on their own terms. Working with Jamie, her clients end up standing in their full power, even when they are doing the uncomfortable things they have always dreamt of doing.

Her 17 years in technology as a Product Manager at companies like DoubleClick and Google taught her the value of bringing curiosity to her clients’ hidden needs. She’s learned that often what we say we want goes deeper than surface level and may just be a workaround for our true desires. She’s incorporated this concept into her work with clients to allow them to go deeper in order to expand and grow beyond their current perceptions of what is available in life.

Pairing her years in technology and intensive coach certification gives Jamie a unique perspective on what it takes to make a significant transformation for her clients. Her clients consistently say that Jamie is able to cut through the noise and deliver immediate aha moments that result in a new passion for work and life.

Jamie has been featured in Forbes, Medium, and Ellevate on topics ranging from innovation to creating personal boundaries. She’s also been a guest on “What Has My Attention” with John Biethan, Data Bytes by Women in Data, and various other podcasts.

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