23WIP Speaker

Karla Uribe

Director of Product Management – QuickBooks Accountant Segment, Intuit

Becca Camp, 2023 Women In Product Speaker

I recently rejoined Intuit as Director of Product Management for the QuickBooks Accountant Segment and was previously Chief Product Officer for a Bay Area legal-tech startup called Hello Divorce. Prior to that I was a Director of Product Management for TurboTax, where I led many Tax product initiatives including Mobile, Data, customer segments and ecosystem integrations. I have 20 years of experience as a product manager and product marketer, and have spent my career driving the delivery of software and online services for large, medium and small companies. I’ve been recognized for strategic thinking, leadership, and team management skills, and have successfully led the delivery of products ranging from new-to-the-world innovations to ones focused on core business growth. I have an undergrad in Cog Sci with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction and an MBA with a focus on Tech Strategy.



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