23WIP Speaker

Kasey Hobson

Director of Product Management,

Kasey Hobson, 2023 Women In Product Speaker

Kasey Hobson is the Director of Product Management at FM:Systems, a mother of 3, and an expert at Working From Anywhere. She’s worked mostly as a B2B product manager across multiple industries including financial services, and operations management. She feels that while the problems she’s solving aren’t as important, ensuring that she brings value to users and making an impact in their lives, is.

Kasey started her product management journey 11 years ago in an implementation role listening to customers and their challenges with her company’s software. She was instantly hooked in seeing ideas come to fruition and actually having an impact in others lives, and she had to have a part in it.

Over her career, her passion has shifted to bringing her product management experience to organizations with newer product teams. It has allowed her to share frameworks that have worked for her over the years.

Kasey has launched new processes in Product and Engineering to improve planning, Product and Customer Marketing to initiate product feedback loops, and companywide to drive collaboration and transparency.

Beyond creating awesome products, she loves spending time with others in her field sharing best practices, and empowering each other to tap into our superpowers and grow in our craft. Last year, Kasey tapped into her network to create coffee meetups and connect PMs she’s worked with over her career. In addition to her passion of product, she’s helped spin up culture & philanthropic committees at 3 organizations championing giving back and getting connected. If she wasn’t in Product Management, she’d probably be flipping houses!

“I am a product nerd and it comes out in full force when sharing across an org about what we do and why we do it.”



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