23WIP Speaker

Logan Petty

Product Manager,

Logan Petty, 2023 Women In Product Speaker

As a product manager with 10 years of experience, Logan has a deep understanding of the product development process. She began  her career in quality assurance before quickly transitioning into a product owner role, and then into her current role as Product Manager.

Logan is passionate about product management because it allows her to blend her analytical skills with her creativity. She enjoys solving problems and finding new and innovative ways to improve products. She also enjoys working closely with cross-functional teams and being able to drive a product from concept to launch.

She has a track record of successfully leading and launching products, and she’s always striving to improve the user experience. Logan is a strong communicator, and able to effectively convey the product vision and strategy to stakeholders.

Logan has been a part of several mentorship programs. Logan’s mentors have exposed her to new perspectives and ideas that have helped her grow and develop as a professional. Her mentors have encouraged her, given support and advice when needed, as well as helped her navigate through challenges and opportunities in her career. Over the years, she has become more confident and outspoken, which she can directly relate back to the feedback and encouragement that her mentors have provided.

“While it may seem scary to put yourself out there, in the end, you will greatly benefit from the mentorship opportunities.”



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