23WIP Workshop Host

Mace Cheng

Product leader and startup adviser, N/A

Connie Kwan, 2023 Women In Product Workshop Host

Mace is a product leader at the forefront of life sciences, healthcare, and tech, and has launched cutting-edge products from bench to bedside.

Her experience spans both B2B and B2C, and she’s worked in industries including biology, mental health, sales, and professional services. Most recently, she led the product team at a Series A mental health tech startup, developing AI and ML software to diagnose mental health conditions using a patient’s voice.

In her previous roles, she launched and managed software products for R&D and manufacturing scientists at a public biotech company, provided product guidance to Fortune 500 biopharma companies in oncology and other disease areas, and managed the life cycle of a CRM designed for high-value scientific instrument sales.

Mace has a Ph.D. in Genetics from Stanford and a BS in Biology from MIT. She is also an active mentor and speaker for product management, healthcare, and innovation. She also consults and advises high-potential startups.



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