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Paola Ríos Schaaf

Director of Product

Paola Ríos Schaaf headshot

Product Leader | Team Builder | Latina in Tech

Paola Ríos Schaaf was born in Lima and came to the US to attend Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. She started her career in publishing as an Editor, and shortly after transitioned to a role in technology development.

For over 15 years, she developed online learning programs for the study of foreign languages; building online courses for students, a teaching platform for instructors, and managed the company’s eCommerce site.

In 2019, she changed career tracks, landing a role at the retail giant, Wayfair, where she led a team of platform product managers, building services for Storefront and enabling Merchandising teams to effectively create delightful shopping experiences.

Paola is now back in edTech. As the Director of Product at Ellevation, she is building the platform that enables schools and districts to support multilingual learner programs.

Since 2006, Paola has volunteered at the Museum of Fine Arts. She is an Access Guide supporting inclusive experiences for visitors with disabilities. She is also an acting leader of the Latinas in Tech Boston Chapter, where she works on elevating Latinx representation and initiatives for women supporting women in the technology industry.

Paola is a member of the Women In Product community; she was a speaker at #WIP21 and was featured in Episode #9 of the podcast.



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