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Shyvee Shi


Product Manager,

Shyvee Shi

Shyvee is a respected thought leader in the digital transformation and product management space with over a decade of experience serving clients across various industries, including telecommunications, financial services, retail commerce, media, and non-profits. She has worked with top consultancies and tech companies such as Telstra, HSBC, DFS, YMCA, VMWare, Disney+, NuSkin, and Cisco, delivering impactful solutions that drive business growth.

As a Product Manager at LinkedIn and instructor at LinkedIn Learning, Shyvee is known for her ability to guide individuals and teams in their careers and help them find meaning in their work. She has a strong commitment to mentorship and coaching and has impacted hundreds of high-achievers in the tech industry and beyond.

Shyvee is also a sought-after speaker, having taught workshops and spoken at leading universities and Fortune 1000 companies, including LinkedIn, Deloitte, Cloudflare, Microsoft, and Snowflake. With her daily content creation on LinkedIn, she has built a large and engaged global following, making her a prolific source of product management and career tips.



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