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Yakaira Nunez headshot
Yakaira Núñez

Vice President, Research & Insights Platforms Data AI Analytics Marketplace, Salesforce

joanne jang headshot
Joanne Jang

Product, OpenAI

Teresa Torres headshot
Teresa Torres

Author, Speaker, Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk

Elizabeth Stone headshot
Elizabeth Stone

Chief Technology Officer, Netflix

Eunice Kim headshot
Eunice Kim

Chief Product Officer, Netflix

Deb Liu Headshot
Deb Liu

President & CEO, Ancestry Board Member, Intuit Founder & Board Chair, Women In Product

Kaelin Burns headshot
Kaelin Burns

CPO, Suited


Anne Goering headshot
Anne Goering

Director of Product Management, Safety and Security & Product Operations, Ford Credit

Shalini Mani headshot
Shalini Mani

Senior Director, Product Management and Operations, Student Loans, Discover

Wendy Shotts headshot
Wendy Shotts

Director of Acquisition Marketing, Discover

Rachna Sethi headshot
Rachna Sethi

VP of Product, Ford Credit Founder & CEO, Tigerbook Consulting, LLC.

Ana Grace headshot
Ana Grace

Vice President, Products & Operations, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Investor, Truffle Shuffle Board Of Directors, Women In Product

Alex Purdy headshot
Alex Purdy

Global Head of Digital Product, Ford Integrated Services, Ford Motor Company

Katherine Lake headshot
Katherine Lake

Sr. Director Product and Experience Design, Autodesk

Evelyn Gosnell headshot
Evelyn Gosnell

Managing Director, Irrational Labs

Meghna Shah headshot
Meghna Shah

Partner, PwC

Diya Parial headshot
Diya Parial

Trust Product Director, Airbnb

Kirsten Paust headshot
Kirsten Paust

SVP, Fortive Business System, Fortive

Judy Chang headshot
Judy Chang

Director of Product Management, Group Product Manager for Google Play Books, Google

Hema Budaraju headshot
Hema Budaraju

Sr. Director of Product, Search (AI) Generative Experiences, Google

Elizabeth Stone headshot
Elizabeth Stone

Chief Technology Officer, Netflix

Diana Colella headshot
Diana Colella

EVP, Media & Entertainment, Autodesk

Lea Hickman headshot
Lea Hickman

Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group

Susanna Holt headshot
Susanna Holt

Vice President, Strategic Technologies, Autodesk

Jennifer Wong headshot
Jennifer Wong

Head of AI Product Strategy, Smartling, Inc.

Chon (Choon) Chua headshot
Chon (Choon) Chua

Sr Director Product Management for Partnership – Financial Management, Workday Member, Chief of Staff Network

Kimberly Wagner headshot
Kimberly Wagner

Product and Conscious Leadership Coach, Kim the Coach

Jameelah Calhoun headshot
Jameelah Calhoun

VP, Product and Customer Marketing, Eventbrite

Kristin Costas headshot
Kristin Costas

Director, Product Management, Agero

Jamaila Holder headshot
Jamaila Holder

CEO/Lead Advisor, Holder Advisory & Associates

Marie-Ange Tagne headshot
Marie-Ange Tagne

Product Leader, META

Carol Howe headshot
Carol Howe

Director of Product Management, Intuit Assist for QuickBooks, Intuit

Carly Wood headshot
Carly Wood

Director of Product Management, Intuit Assist for QuickBooks, Intuit

Cassie Gillespie headshot
Cassie Gillespie

Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Cassie Gillespie LLC

Helen Huang headshot
Helen Huang

Co-Founder, Co.Lab

Jenny Chang Headshot
Jenny Chang

Head of Design, Amplitude

Kashmira Patel headshot (2024)
Kashmira Patel

Principal Technical Product Manager, Shutterfly, LLC.

Dessa Augsburger headshot
Dessa Augsburger

Group Product Manager, AW, Path Robotics

Amélie Beurrier headshot
Amélie Beurrier

Fractional Head of Product,

Alisa Kurt headshot
Alisa Kurt

Sr. Product Manager, Meta

Tiffany Chang headshot
Tiffany Chang

Senior Technical Program Manager, Okta

Sarah Field headshot
Sarah Field

Senior User Experience Designer, UEGroup

MarilyNika headshot
Marily Nika

AI Product Lead, Google / AI Product Academy

Lisa Huang-North headshot
Lisa Huang-North

Senior Product manager, Microsoft

Jasmine Lawrence headshot 2024
Jasmine Lawrence

Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

Gayle Silverman headshot
Gayle Silverman

Principal Product Strategist, TXI

Farah Akoum, headshot
Farah Akoum

Sr. Director, Nordstrom

Deboshree Dutta headshot
Deboshree Dutta

CEO, Criya

Martina Lauchengco headshot
Martina Lauchengco

Partner, Costanoa Ventures

Adithi Sampath headshot
Adithi Sampath

Head of Product, uber

Lauren Krieberg headshot
Lauren Krieberg

Group Product Manager, Arity

Kate Radway headshot
Kate Radway

Vice President of Product, Engagement Experience, Peacock/NBC Universal

Alexandra Hurworth headshot
Alexandra Hurworth

Founder, Time is Precious

Shweta Shrivastava headshot
Shweta Shrivastava

Senior Director, Product Management, Waymo

Shadi Rostami headshot
Shadi Rostami

SVP of Engineering, Amplitude

Ketaki Vaidya headshot
Ketaki Vaidya

AI Product Manager, Oracle


Julie Wenah headshot
Julie Wenah

Associate General Counsel + Product Lead for Civil Rights, Facebook, & Board Member, Women In Product

Evelyn Chou headshot
Evelyn Chou

Sr. PM, Insightsoftware

Shrinedhi Rajan headshot
Shrinedhi Rajan

Senior Product Manager, Technical, Amazon

Natalie Dixon headshot
Natalie Dixon

Senior Director of Product Management, Content Experiences, FanDuel

Catrina Patton headshot
Catrina Patton

Senior Product Manager, Rise8

Rashmi Ramesh
Rashmi Ramesh

Head of Product for Software Products, SentinelOne

Deboshree Dutta headshot
Deboshree Dutta

CEO, Criya


Janice Fraser headshot
Janice Fraser

Principle, Janice Fraser Consulting

Allison Rosburg headshot
Allison Rosburg

Lead Product Manager, Workiva

Kaylen Williams-Henry headshot
Kaylen Williams-Henry

Senior Product Manager, Workiva

Hillary Eckert headshot
Hillary Eckert

Vice President of Global Solutions, Workiva

Lori Vanourek headshot
Lori Vanourek

Sr. Director of Product Management, Workiva

Molly Rempe headshot
Molly Rempe

Senior Staff UX Researcher, Workiva

Shelly Kalish headshot
Shelly Kalish

Sr. Director of Product & Design, Sittercity

Nic Amos, 2024 Women In Product Speaker
Nic Amos

Product Manager Leader- Consumer Privacy & Fraud, Kohl's

Madhuri Dhulipala headshot
Madhuri Dhulipala

VP Engineering, Salesforce

Lacey Picazo headshot
Lacey Picazo


Grace Young headshot
Grace Young

Fractional Executive / Soon to be Chief Data Officer

Kathy Pham headshot
Kathy Pham

Vice President AI/ML and Faculty, Workday, Harvard

Kalia Aragon headshot
Kalia Aragon

Director of Product, Technical Operations, Flatiron Health


Christy Consler

CEO, Sustainable Leadership Advisors

Shubha Rao headshot
Shubha Rao

Vice President of Product Management, GitHub

Dena Saunders headshot
Dena Saunders

Partner General Manager, Growth & Distribution, Web Experiences Team, Microsoft

Tami Reiss, 2023 Women In Product Speaker
Tami Reiss

CEO, Product Leader Coach

Derya Isler headshot
Derya Isler

Vice President, Personalization, SiriusXM

Natalie Ryan

Partner, SPMB Executive Search

Lea Hagglund headshot
Lea Hagglund

Client Partner , SPMB Executive Search

Sean Lucq headshot
Sean Lucq

Partner, SPMB Executive Search

Mike Doonan headshot
Mike Doonan

Managing Partner, SPMB Executive Search

Charlotte McGuire headshot
Charlotte McGuire

Chief Product Officer (CPO) & Strategic Advisor, Blue Heron Insights


Yarimee Gutierrez headshot
Yarimee Gutierrez

Manager of Customer Success Team, Klaviyo

Frankie M. Berkoben, MSc headshot
Frankie M. Berkoben, MSc

ADHD Coach for Gifted/2e Professionals in Tech, FranklyQuiteADHD

Lori Edwards headshot
Lori Edwards

Director of Product, Niche

Preetika Subramaniam headshot
Preetika Subramaniam

Analytics Manager, Lyft

Anu Sanghvi headshot
Anu Sanghvi

Fractional CPO and Co-Founder, The Greenhouse

Spectra Asala headshot
Spectra Asala

Managing Partner, Fractional CPO, SAIA Ventures

Seena Iype headshot
Seena Iype

Lead Product Manager, ADP

Sabrina Rzepka headshot
Sabrina Rzepka

Founder, Her.Move

Renee Davis headshot
Renee Davis

Head of Digital Product, World View

Michelle Kelley headshot
Michelle Kelley

FBI Special Agent (retired), TLI US Lead, TEDx Speaker, The Listening Institute

Jen Blatz headshot
Jen Blatz

Principal UX Researcher, BECU and Co-founder UX Research and Strategy Group

Irene Yu headshot
Irene Yu

CEO & Founder, Skiplevel

Helen Kupp headshot
Helen Kupp

Founder, Women Defining AI

Becky Flint headshot
Becky Flint

Founder & CEO, Dragonboat

Ali Maaxa headshot
Ali Maaxa

Principal, MaaxaLabs


Hallie Benjamin headshot
Hallie Benjamin

Director, Trust Product Strategy Lead, Reality Labs, Meta

Ngozi Ofoche headshot
Ngozi Ofoche

Trust Strategist, Meta

MarilyNika headshot
Marily Nika

AI Product Lead, Google / AI Product Academy


Vidya Dinamani headshot
Vidya Dinamani

Partner, Product Rebels

Nonya Collier headshot
Nonya Collier

Global Product Commercialization, Indeed