Episode 16: Executive Edition — Sponsoring an APM Program

C-Suite Guides

Heather Conklin and Aubrey Gavin join host Elizabeth Ames as guests on this episode. The three discuss what it was like founding and taking part in Salesforce’s APM program from the perspectives of both executive and PM newbie. Hear how establishing the program proved beneficial for various teams across the company and the human-side by embracing authenticity.

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Episode 3: Connecting With Executive Recruiters with Anna Auerbach and Michaëlle Gocko

Our host Elizabeth Ames had the pleasure to speak with not one but two accomplished women this week! Elizabeth is joined by Anna Auerbach and Michaëlle Gocko from Egon Zehnder who work in executive search. The two share the “sparks of potential” they find makes a great candidate and a few tips on how to help position oneself for their next role and advance to the executive level.

Their focus on product leadership is fueled by the emergence of product management in every industry and recognizing that product leadership is now a viable pathway to the C suite including CEO. Listen in to enjoy their conversation on what the future holds for the burgeoning space of product management and the work they are doing to define success in product roles.

Michaëlle Gocko will also join our Product Blender on October 14!

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Episode 2: Discovering Product with Kasha Stewart

Did you know that 93% of people working in product have professional backgrounds in other industries? Today’s guest Kasha Stewart joined the PM world with a post-production background and studies in fine art.

For Kasha, building her career as someone with a unique professional experience and voice proved a lonely challenge at times. Even in these hard moments, she found the strength and persistence to continue growing and learning within her role.

We are constantly inspired by Kasha’s drive and ability to craft her career on her own terms. Curious to know how she does it? Tune in to hear her story, tips on building teams that work, and some career-progressing inspiration.

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Episode 1: Finding the Path Forward with Deb Liu

This episode, Deb Liu reveals what made her love her first PM job and how she advanced her career in an industry that was brand new. Deb shares how she “stumbled” into product management, at a time when she had no clear vision for her career and when the world of PM was very different from its current state.

She went from not knowing anything about product management to one of the biggest names in product years later. Want to know how she did it? Well — trusting her gut and leveraging a strong community of sponsors and mentors. Still want more? Subscribe to Deb’s Substack to pick her brain and learn from the lessons she notes: https://bit.ly/DebLiu-Perspectives

Bonus: Listen to learn what Deb looks for when interviewing a potential PM!

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