Episode 21: Tackling Racism at Work


This episode, we’re joined by Y-Vonne Hutchinson, CEO and founder of ReadySet. She shares helpful knowledge for marginalized individuals and allies to understand power dynamics and be successful in the workplace.

Learn more about  Y-Vonne’s recently published book, How To Talk To Your Boss About Race, Speaking Up Without Getting Shut Downamzn.to/3N8cMrF

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Episode 22: Mentorship

Women In Product piloted our first-ever mentorship program last fall. Today, we hear from those involved with the program. Our takeaways? Mentoring is a safe space, judgment free zone. It requires commitment. It’s a delicate balance.

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Episode 20: Allyship

Being an ally is a journey. It takes practice to unlearn biases and to be intentional about advocating for marginalized individuals. Lucky for us, Karen Catlin is here to discuss steps we can take in our own lives to be better allies. Her best advice? Seek common ground and educate.

Learn more about Better Allies here: twitter.com/betterallies

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Episode 9: Latinas in Product

On this episode, WIP Podcast host Elizabeth Ames speaks with two formidable Latina product managers — Pamela Roux Castillo and Paola Rios Schaaf. The guests reveal why they love the product space, what got them to keep working in the industry, and what makes them stay at particular companies.

The three discuss some challenges Latinas face as an underrepresented group in product management, including the hardship of enduring the interview process, investing in skill building, and navigating work relationships with a different background.

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