Episode 6: A Moonshot with Jasmine Lawrence

C-Suite Guides

Could you imagine starting your company at the age of 13? Well, that’s what our guest Jasmine Lawrence did, and she’s almost at the 20 year anniversary of her natural hair and body care products company. This ability to drive her own path pushed her to step into a product management role right out of college.

Jasmine and WIP podcast host, Elizabeth Ames, explore Jasmine’s work history from robotics to entrepreneurship to hardware and back to robotics. Her experience in these various spaces of tech was driven by an authentic desire to take on these new roles, despite the challenges of linking a career path that isn’t traditionally linear. She even shares the framework she uses to manage her (very full) personal and professional life.

Bonus: Jasmine shares her tip to entering the PM field from a different area!

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