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Building Resilience To Find Your Dream Job

October 27, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Preparing emotionally for the interview process can transform a daunting grind into adventure. We share the tools to flex your resilience!

A critical part of preparing for interviews is getting ready for the process emotionally. This is especially true if you are ambitious in your job search, and are looking to make a vertical move, increase scope and title (and make more money.) Gremlins like self-doubt and fear of rejection tend to creep in and sabotage your efforts. Parul Goel, Director of Product, Indeed, will share strategies she used when interviewing, to help you build your reservoir of inner strength and stick with the process until you get what you really want. These mindset hacks and growth techniques will help you focus on (and actually enjoy) the interview process.

💡 Learn three practical strategies to help you:

  • Build your reservoir of inner strength by shoring up your conviction – learn a quick exercise for understanding & reinforcing the deeper insights behind your experience to strengthen the conviction that you are ready for a greater challenge.
  • Reframe rejection as progress with a post-interview reflection process to identify the learnings rejection uncovers, and a method for removing shame with the help of a key support group
  • Surround yourself with a supportive network – people who believe in you and can give you honest feedback. Get actionable tips for enlisting your own closed network, including tactics to identify who you need in your court, how to create accountability, and key phrases for soliciting useful feedback

📌 Then…

APPLY immediately! You’ll be paired in timed 1:1 chats with other PMs, to immediately workshop what we learn. Meet other PMs also looking to build inner strength in the pursuit of the next great role, and learn while growing your network of other ambitions women in product management.

📚 Meet your Expert:

Hi, I am Parul Goel.

I am a people centric product leader who enables teams to do their best work by bringing focus and clarity. I currently lead Billing and Order platforms at Indeed. Prior to Indeed, I spent eight years at PayPal building, piloting and growing a payments solution for marketplaces and partners.

In my career spanning over fifteen years, I have been part of several complex product builds. Some have been very successful while others have served as great life lessons. I love learning new ways to inspire teams and build products, solve complex problems and yet exemplify simplicity to their customers.

One of my missions is to make failure and struggle less lonely by shining the light on challenges that successful women leaders have been through. Having been through several difficult experiences myself, I know it is easy to internalize them and feel like something is wrong with me. With my podcast, Unseen Battles, I hope to celebrate these battles. I want to remind everyone who has felt lonely in their struggles that this is a universal experience. Every successful person out there has walked these paths, and are stronger, wiser and kinder because of them!

📝 Meet your Moderator:

Hi! I’m Judy Chang. I have extensive experience in building consumer and enterprise solutions at scale. Currently a Group Product Manager at Google, I’m responsible for Play Books, Google’s ebook and audiobook global retail store. I lead an 80+xfn team to help users find their next great read or listen.

In prior Google roles, I identified a greenfield opportunity to improve sales efficiency and grow revenue for the flagship ads business, and led a team to deliver a suite of tools that relied upon machine learning to identify high-potential prospects. I also led the international expansion of GSuite (now Google Workspace) into emerging markets, adapting the product, pricing and distribution to local market needs, exceeding projections. Before joining Google, I led product teams at PayPal, establishing new vertical solutions to help charities, governments and schools accept online payments.

I’m honored to mentor numerous women, serve as a chapter lead for Women in Product (WIP) and have been a panelist at WIP conference. Recently, I became a court-appointed advocate for a foster teen through the CASA nonprofit.

⏰ About Product Blenders:

In our Product Blender series, hosts and guests offer key tactics, techniques or actionable insights in a brief kickoff session. Zero fluff, no ‘housekeeping’ filler, no drawn out intros.

Speed Sessions are followed by timed paired 1:1 chats to practice or discuss with other PM peers. After each match, you’ll have the option to swap contacts with a click.

Blenders will close with a group debrief and Speaker Q&A – you’ll be able to get feedback on your 1:1 practice. Each event covers new skills and topics – we hope to see you at more than one!

Blender tickets are not refundable. These are live networking and skill-building opportunities, and our small staff works hard to keep these high-quality hosted events.

Bought a ticket and unable to attend? 📹The session portion of these events ARE recorded; attendee breakouts and 1:1 practice rounds happen in live-time only. Replays are sent to all registrants w/ in 72 hours of the event; many replays include a resource deck with additional key takeaways and related resources.


October 27, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Women In Product
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