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Mastering User Feedback: A Hands-On Guide to User-Centric Insights

November 9, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Thursday, November 9 Mastering User Feedback: A Hands-On Guide to User-Centric Insights

A Hands-On Guide to Collecting User-Centric Insights that Amplify Impact

Gathering user feedback is crucial to product development but it can earn a reputation for being expensive, time-consuming, and even trivial.

Founder of Foundry, Geri Huibregtse and Product Designer, Lucy Hinton will share their practical strategies and highlights (including lowlights) they’ve experienced as they have operationalized their methods to collecting user feedback and creating a concise report along with it


– Cross-functional teams promote a holistic understanding of your products and users

– Research protocols are like recipes; all you need is who, what, and how

– Convert feedback into action items and filter it through business goals for alignment and prioritization

– Build user research methods into your product development framework so that it becomes a part of the team’s DNA

🧠 Meet Your Expert:

Geri Huibregtse has been working in digital product development for over a decade. She has a rich background in consulting and leading the design and development of custom digital experiences and products. Her expertise includes building and leading successful teams, processes, and client relationships within high-growth tech spaces and large Fortune 500 companies. She is currently the COO at Foundry, serving as the first woman on the executive team.

Lucy Hinton – TBA

📚 Meet your Moderator:

Shrinedhi Rajan is a data-driven product manager who is passionate about combining social responsibility with value to the business. Currently, she is a Product Manager with Amazon Music, responsible for subscription engagement and retention globally. Outside of work, she is a Chapter lead at Products by Women, a non-profit community-led network for women in tech and business. She firmly believes in the power of communities and offers mentorship & advice for aspiring/early-career PMs. Her life’s motto is “All of us have wings, all we need to do is fly”

About Product Blenders:

In the Product Blender series, we explore tested frameworks and actionable insights in a skill-focused session, backed by industry examples and case studies. Connect and learn from product leaders, gain tools, and grow your network of other ambitious women in product management.