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Senior Leader Edition | Negotiating for Success in Senior Product Roles

January 31, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

We’ll overview the differences in negotiations across levels & position you to negotiate more confidently & effectively.

Compensation negotiations for senior product roles look very different from the early & mid-career process. Knowing what is standard or fair (and having solid market data to back it up) is important but confidently positioning yourself as the very specific solution to the problem this company is facing takes center stage.

Plus – if you’re not currently asking about how decisions get made, who has influence in the org (and why), and to understand how resourcing gets determined – you’re likely missing out.

Join us and learn LIVE from comp experts Jordan Sale, founder of 81cents and GM at Rora), and Nicole Bannon, Rora’s Lead Career Advisor. Rora has helped hundreds of tech professionals get +50% increases as a part of their mission to give underrepresented groups the confidence to negotiate and close pay gaps. Jordan and Nicole will share research-backed strategies, tools, and real examples to reframe your interactions, expand your understanding of what’s negotiable, and be better prepared for what the process can involve in higher-level roles.

💡Our panel will cover:

  • Common timeframes and cadences of senior-level negotiations
  • How to avoid negotiation fatigue by prioritizing your approach
  • The full range of things that ARE on the table
  • Where you may be giving up negotiation power by playing it safe
  • Nuances in negotiation that vary by company size, product stage, and industry

📝 Then…

Apply immediately! You’ll be paired in timed 1:1 chats with other PMs, to immediately discuss techniques we learn. These are truly live networking events – after an info-packed speed session, you’ll be meeting face to face, and 1:1. (We’ll close with group coaching & Q&A)

Gain an edge in securing an exciting compensation package AND setting yourself up for success in the role. You’ll also be better prepared to coach the women on your team – and in your network – to confidently advocate for their own next steps.

🧠 Meet Your Compensation Experts:

Jordan Sale started 81cents to help more individuals advocate for themselves, whether it’s negotiating a new offer or pushing for a raise. Recently acquired by Rora, 81cents will now exist as part of Rora. Jordan joined Rora full-time as General Manager to lead their marketing and impact work – and to realize their mission to support underrepresented professionals in tech, ensuring that the 81cents vision lives on.

Prior to starting 81cents, Jordan was the Director of Marketing at Fundrise, a real estate technology startup based in Washington, D.C. Jordan holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

Fun (pun?) fact – Jordan’s obsessed with puns and has participated in the Bay Area Pun-Off.

Nicole Bannon, Rora’s Lead Career advisor, is a University of California, Berkeley graduate with her degree in Cognitive Science and has worked in Recruiting & Consulting for over 5 years, staffing for large national and international agencies such as Maxim Healthcare Services and Randstad, tech corporations such as Salesforce.org, and local government agencies like BART.

Nicole started career coaching five years ago, as her favorite part of recruiting has been providing a top-tier candidate experience. Her clients have received offers at major tech companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, and more major companies. She is passionate about coaching others because seeing clients grow past their psychological barriers to be successful and achieve their dreams is extremely rewarding.

To date, Nicole has put millions of dollars back into the pockets of candidates, having negotiated offer increases of $400K+ a year from the initial offer.

Rora is a growing startup that provides 1-to-1 coaching for professionals who are navigating new offers, promotions, and severance negotiations. The Rora team has helped hundreds of tech professionals get substantial pay increases (an average of +20%) plus better benefits, more flexible work, and more exciting projects. Rora’s blog is a great resource – scroll down for company-specific compensation bands and negotiation info!

📚 Meet your Moderator:

Moderator Cyronne Counts is the Director of Programs at Women In Product. Most recently the Global Product Manager, Digital Transfer Papers for Neenah Coldenhove, Cyronne’s experience includes positions in the Chemical and Paper industries in manufacturing, market development, market research, and consulting.

Cyronne is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Cyronne’s favorite vacation spot is and always will be Aruba; she looks forward to future travels to what locals call ‘one happy island.’

About Senior Leader Edition Product Blenders:

To make PM more equitable, we need more women in positions of leadership. We’ve created our new Senior Leader Event Series with this in mind. So if you’re a Director or VP, this event series is for you!

This series of events features Senior Leaders and Experts who address the skills required to break into the c-suite to get more women in positions of leadership, offering higher-level insights appropriate for those that are people managers and managing teams of teams.

The Senior leader event series is open to women PMs who are or have held roles at the following levels*:

  • Director
  • Sr. Director
  • Group Manager
  • Sr. Group Manager
  • Head of Product
  • VP, SVP, or C-Suite

We also know women need safe spaces to discuss challenges and build community and camaraderie. So we’ve dedicated a chunk of these events for you to connect with other product leaders in 1:1 spaces. Product management has grown into an essential business function, rising to the C-suite. Now is the time to take action to reduce the gender and intersectional challenges women and non-binary folks face.

*To bring you the most valuable peer-appropriate connections and conversations, your experience level may be verified on LinkedIn.


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