Welcome! We are excited to create, educate, and empower a global community of women product managers who build impactful products here in Seattle, Washington.

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Submit Your Resume

Our chapter is launching a resume book for all women who want to get to the next level!


  • Who can submit a resume? – All women interested in growing their careers as product managers at all levels
  • Which companies will review my resume? – Sponsor companies of Women In Product
    • Including: Uber- Facebook- Walmart- Google- LinkedIn- PayPal- Intuit- Spotify- Autodesk- Mastercard- Adobe- Asana- Ancestry- Amplitude- NEA- Shopify- Zenfolio
    • Applicants can choose which companies can see their profile
  • How to share your resume? – Submit your information through the link below.

Seattle Chapter Leads

Anavi Nahar

Anavi Nahar

Principal PM Manager, Microsoft

Ganga Narayanan

Ganga Narayanan

Principal PM, Microsoft