Episode 44: Annie Pearl, Previously Chief Product Officer, Calendly

We are returning to our Path to CPO series with Annie Pearl, who was previously the CPO of Calendly when we recorded this episode. Annie talks to Rashmi Ramesh about how she started out in law school, but fell in love with deeply understanding the users and their problems. She describes the difference between functional leadership and executive, why hiring is crucial, and the importance of vision and strategy in order to make the leap.


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Episode 50: Ted Krantz, A CEO’s Perspective

This episode of Path to CPO highlights the importance of diversity in a company’s executive team. Ted Krantz, CEO at data.ai, shares his experience with hiring female CPOs and what a battle that process has been. Ted also gives tips for how women can be prepared to step into product leadership roles.

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Episode 49: Chris Johnson, Working with Executive Recruiters

Discover an insider’s perspective on C-suite recruitment with Chris Johnson, an experienced executive recruiter. Gain valuable insights into the product executive recruitment process and learn about the challenges of recruiting female executives. Join us on this enlightening Path to CPO to demystify the world of C-suite-level recruiters and unlock the secrets to success.