Episode 53: The Power of Your Network When Searching for a Job

Discover how Hillary Taverna, Product Manager at Kickstarter, landed her current role in a challenging job market. Learn about her strategic approach, including networking, sabbatical planning, and the importance of being authentic in professional interactions.



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Episode 56: Introduction to AI Series

PODCAST UPDATE: We’re thrilled to introduce Women In Product’s new series on AI product management.

Like our last podcast, The Path to CPO, this series was designed from the get-go to transform elusive information, like becoming a Chief Product Officer, into actionable insights. This time around, we’ll demystify AI product management, regardless of your technical background.

Each episode features industry leaders who share their opinions on the latest trends, strategies, and AI innovations. Plus, you’ll gain real-world, practical advice to leverage your PM expertise and succeed in the sector.


Public Transcript- Intro to AI Series