Episode 64: AI Series: Case Study Fanatics with Subha Shetty

This week, we explore a new AI case study with Subha Shetty, Vice President Of Product Management at Fanatics. This episode marks the third installment of several case studies offering insight into diverse AI solutions.



Episode 65 Transcript

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Episode 67: Graduate Degrees – Need them? Want them?

A conversation with Brad Eiben, Executive Director of Master of Science in Product Management, and Tanuja Vallabhaneni, Senior Product Manager at PayPal and a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon Master of Science in Product Management program. We discuss the origins of the program, how it is structured and its benefits.



Episode 67 Transcript

Episode 66: Working with Data Scientists

In this episode of the podcast, Lauren Burke – Senior Data Science Lead at Further and Director of Operations at Women In Data Science – talks about the role of a Data Scientist and what successful collaboration between what them and PMs look like.



Episode 66 Transcript