March 2023 Peer Coaching Circles Coach Profile

Leading and Thriving Through Uncertainty

Small (under 250), and Medium (251-1000) Organizations


Sessions begin March 7
Meets biweekly on Tuesdays
7pm – 8:30pm ET / 4pm – 5:30pm PT
Price: $1200/participant

Christina Sanders

Christina is a certified Executive coach and facilitator with a passion for supporting women to thrive as leaders and define success on their own terms. She brings over 20,000 hours of coaching experience in addition to her professional background as a lawyer and head of the Executive Coaching department of a prominent Silicon Valley leadership development platform. 

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Leading and thriving through uncertainty

As women leaders in the tech industry, you are pioneering new pathways. That path can feel lonelier and less clear the higher up you go, and there are fewer role models. Add to that the pressures and challenges of leading and navigating through uncertainty and change, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

This group is designed for women to share experiences and insights and support each other to thrive as leaders and individuals – especially during times of uncertainty and change. It’s led by an expert leadership coach and facilitator, and it will focus on relevant topics, with a designated space for group discussion and individual/peer coaching.

This group will help you to:

  • Navigate uncertainty and change and find opportunities within ambiguity
  • Define success and make sure you’re focusing on the right things
  • Build psychological safety, morale and productivity on your teams
  • Communicate more effectively in “difficult” conversations, feedback and managing up
  • Manage your “inner critic” and overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Amplify your influence, executive presence and personal brand
  • Take care of your wellbeing — especially during times of high stress and uncertainty

We’ll do this through a combination of:

  • Facilitated group discussion and reflection/coaching activities
  • Peer coaching
  • Optional “hotseat” coaching for individuals who want support with a particular challenge or goal
  • Actions and accountability to move you forward and help you put new insights into practice
  • Shared resources and tools


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“Christina has an incredible talent for seeing through to the core of people and helping them empower themselves into their own ‘right-life living.’ Her wise, straightforward techniques have been invaluable in helping me identify and prioritize my goals and values and shape my career and life in the direction I want.”


Christina’s Coaching Style

Christina’s coaching style is creative, strategic, strengths-based and action-oriented. She believes that real change must happen at the level of belief as well as action. She uses a combination of personal strategic planning, deep inquiry, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness, visioning and values, somatic leadership, wellness coaching, and the enneagram. In the group setting, Christina creates a safe and conducive space for everyone to bring their full selves, try new beliefs and actions, and make meaningful connections that will last beyond this program. 

more about Christina

For the past 18 years, Christina has coached hundreds of leaders to success across diverse industries and organizations (startups, global corporations, small businesses and nonprofits) – including many women in the Tech industry.  She is known for her ability to catalyze profound and rapid transformation in how leaders show up for their teams, organizations and in their lives – and accelerate their career growth and personal fulfillment. An experienced facilitator and group experience designer, she developed and co-led the first Women In Product Peer Coaching Circle program in 2021.

Christina holds degrees in Law and Politics from Monash University in Australia and is certified as a Personal and Professional Coach by the Coaches Training Institute. She has additional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, the Enneagram, Transformational Leadership Coaching, somatic leadership and mindfulness.