March 2023 Peer Coaching Circles Coach Profile

Challenges & Opportunities of being the “Head” of Product

Executive Level (VP, Sr. VP, C-Suite)

Sessions begin March 9
Meets biweekly on Thursdays
12pm – 1:30pm ET / 9am – 10:30am PT
Price: $1500/participant

Heather Inocencio

Heather is a product veteran with over 30 years of experience successfully leading digital product strategy, development, and teams at companies of all stages, from Fortune 500 to scrappy startup for both B2B SaaS and DTC. She’s led Product for startups that have IPO’d, been acquired, and gone down in flames. She’s built teams from scratch, inherited and optimized teams, brought new products to market, and taken companies through digital transformations.

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This Circle will touch on topics like:

  • Differences between a VP and CPO
  • When a company needs a CPO and how to position yourself as the right one for the role
  • How to navigate the C-suite
  • How to hire, align, and lead a Product org
  • What got you here won’t get you there
  • The importance of data analytics and customer feedback
  • How to determine engineering velocity and use this to plan quarterly roadmaps
  • The focus of the first 90 days at a new VP of Product


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“I am a passionate product management veteran — driven to help both companies and people soar.”

SF / NY / LA / Everywhere in between

IPO: Chief Product Officer @ The RealReal during high growth period leading to IPO at $1.7B valuation
Acquired: Head of Product @ Hautelook, acquired by Nordstrom for $180M
Founder: CEO & Co-founder @ The Product Consult

Heather’s Coaching Style

Engaging, energetic, insightful, knowledgable, compassionate, and very human. I enjoy connecting with others to support, mentor, and coach on a relatable level that offers actionable guidance.

I will share from my extensive experience and the many others I have witnessed and had the honor of learning from. I have a point of view, love to start good meaty conversations, and genuinely love to see others soar.

There is not much more rewarding than seeing folks I work with become more self-confident, overcome obstacles in ways they hadn’t thought of, and seize opportunities they once thought were out of reach.

Heather’s Bio

I have been an active participant in the evolution of the product management discipline, working across industries from retail to Fintech with a heavy emphasis on user experience, data-driven insights, and technological innovation. With a curious mind about what technology is only just now making possible and a compassionate heart that loves to see people soar, I happily sit at the intersection of humans and technology.

The Product Consult provides product management expertise to startups while building an ecosystem for product managers to grow their leadership and product skills in a supportive environment.

I was driven to launch this company after many years of leading product management at startups. I see the challenges startups face in attracting and retaining top product talent. And I see the challenges startup product managers have in finding experienced mentors.

I seek to fix these problems.

At The Product Consult, we work with our clients to build out and crystalize their vision, create roadmaps, prioritize and define features, and execute product strategies. We collaborate cross-functionally with the executive team, design, development, marketing, sales, finance, and operations to ensure alignment.

Internally, our product leaders continuously support, mentor, and grow one another, enabling us to deliver exceptional support and domain expertise to our clients. We are women-founded & led, growth-focused, customer-obsessed, data-minded, and we favor meaningful outcomes over output.