Leadership Coaching Circles: Executives

Applications open March 5 – April 5

Our Leadership Coaching Circles (formerly Peer Coaching Circles program) is designed to equip executive women and non-binary people to advance. Every executive should have their own personal board of directors. Our superpower at Women In Product is helping you make those connections in a safe and inclusive space.


We believe deep learning and growth comes from a collaborative and interactive process with peers. Our Leadership Coaching Circles bring product executives together to support each other’s development with the facilitation of an Executive Coach.


Coaches play a crucial role in establishing a framework and creating a safe and effective environment for each circle. Our circles are led by experienced Executive Coaches (most of whom have extensive experience in product management).


Product executives will work together in small groups (less than 10) to set goals, solve problems, and improve specific skills. Each session will be structured to engage in dialogue, active listening, and mutual support in a confidential space. You’ll meet weekly to actively engage in conversations, share perspectives, and provide feedback.


These sessions are designed specifically for Executive-level product leaders with the following titles: Director, Senior Director, Head of Product, VP, Sr. VP, C-Suite.

If you are at the Senior Level, please check out our Leadership Coaching Circles: Senior Leaders, or if you are mid-career, please check out PM Cooperative: Mid-Career Growth.


Our Leadership Coaching Circles for Executives has a different focus than our other programs. You can learn more by reading our FAQs to determine if this program is the right fit.



Managing Board and C-Suite Relationships
Executives at Small (Under 250 emp) & Medium (250-1,000 emp) Organizations
Every Wednesday from 12-1:30pm ET / 9am-10:30 PT starting March 29, 2023.

Heather Inocencio headshot


Challenges & Opportunities of being the “head” of Product
Thursdays, biweekly from 12:00PM – 1:30PM ET starting March 9, 2023.

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Sara Zalowitz

Successful Leadership for Startup Product Execs
Every Tuesday from 11:00 am – 12:15pm ET / 8am-9:15pm PT starting



Our Circles are typically an 8-week program that happens in the spring and fall. You can join our waitlist to be notified when the next Circles will begin.

For questions or comments, please contact cyronne@womenpm.org.

I continue to work with an executive coach. It’s something that is really, really valuable. Getting an outside voice, an outside perspective, and understanding different frameworks has helped me prepare to take on larger teams and become the people leader I need to be to be a Chief Product Officer.

Anneka Gupta

Chief Product Officer, Rubrik