Leadership Coaching Circle FAQs

How are the leadership coaching circles different than Executive Edge?

The Leadership Coaching Circles have a different focus than Executive Edge. This program will involve structured peer coaching via facilitator-led sessions, regular check-ins, goal setting, active questioning, and constructive feedback.

What is Executive Edge?

Executive Edge is a 1-year comprehensive program that aims to equip women and non-binary product leaders with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to excel in executive and C-Suite roles within the product management domain.

It’s an Accelerated Leadership Program for women in product, in collaboration with Athena Alliance, an executive and learning community that has supported hundreds of women to the C-Suite.

Our inaugural cohort is launching this fall, and there will be more opportunities like this program in the future.

What is Peer Coaching?

Peer coaching is a collaborative and interactive process where individuals support each other’s growth and development. In the Leadership Coaching Circles you will work together to set goals, solve problems, and improve specific skills.

Peer coaching is not training. It is based on the principle that individuals can learn from their peers’ experiences and insights. It’s a more reciprocal process where participants actively engage in conversations, share perspectives, and provide feedback.

Peer coaching encourages reflection, open communication, and the exchange of ideas. The focus is on fostering personal and professional growth through dialogue, active listening, and mutual support.

What is currently available for mid-career product managers?

PM Cooperative: Mid-Career Growth is our peer mentoring and coaching program for mid-career PMs. In this program, you’ll join small cohorts that will meet weekly and be led by Senior Product Managers to discuss topics like making the leap from individual contributor to manager, defining work-life balance, and finding your product-market fit.

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What's the application process like?

The application process is designed not only to get to know the applicant’s background and qualifications, but also to get some insight into the program fit, readiness, goal alignment, and chance for successful outcomes. We want to ensure that everyone has an understanding of the growth opportunities afforded by the program and has the right mindset to get the most out of the experience.

More questions?

 If you still have questions we have not addressed, reach out to us at info@womenpm.org. Thank you!