2023 Workshop Resources

Women In Product Conference




Susannah Baldwin, Ph.D. 

Presenting to Senior Leaders

Nonya Collier

Unleash Your Creativity! Top Techniques of Artists To Build What’s Next

Katie Della Mora & Miriam Tinberg

Protecting Data Privacy: A Planned Parenthood Healthtech Story and Exercise

Vanessa Garber

Building Products with Integrity

Kenyetta Hall

How to Create Spaces to Fail

Connie Kwan

Next Level Habit Change Using Storytelling

Jamie Martin

How to Make Time for Your Goals, When Drowning in To-Dos

Arianna Rehak

Design Sessions for Product Managers

Nadia De Ala & Claire Lumbang

Real You Leadership Resources

Stage Speakers


Nic Amos

Build an Easier Job Search: How AI Can Help You Get Hired Faster

Naba Banerjee

Building AI for Trust

Evelyn Chou

Your Toolkit to Navigate the Next Reorg

Lori Edwards

2 Truths and a Lie about People Management

Samantha Gonzalez & Tess Hermes

Embracing Radical Uncertainty in Product

Ellen Grace Henson

Consulting as a Career Path: 3 Key Topics to Explore

Kasey Hobson & Logan Petty

From Mentee to Mentor: Building the Next Generation of Women in Product

Charis Loveland

AI in 25 minutes: What Every Product Manager Should Know

Michelle Pruitt

Building a Fair and Inclusive Metaverse

Didem Sarikaya

Unlock the power of product hypotheses: A scientific approach to strategy

Valentina Thoerner

Fertilizer for your Remote Product Team: Growing Performance from Afar

Erika Torres & Paz Zuniga

So you are a social scientist! Leveraging social science in PM

Apoorva Tyagi

Scaling Product Management: from startups to big tech

Kimberly Wagner

Being Human at Work: Practical Tools for You and Your Team

Ambreen Molitor & Katie Skibinski

Innovation for Social Good: How Your Next Job Could Change the World

Radhika Dutt 

Why Product-Led Transformation Goes Wrong (and What to Do Instead)

Christina Sanders 

Senior Group Coaching: Building Influence

Senior and Executive Table Discussions


Shelly Kalish

She’s Just Not That Strategic: Roundtable