2024 Conference Resources

Looking for additional resources, worksheets, and presentation slides from the conference? This is the central hub for all supporting documents to help you put what you have learned into action.




Frankie M. Berkoben, MSc Product

Managing your Neurodivergent Brain

Nonya Collier

Increase Team Connection for Your Remote Team

Renee Davis & Anu Sanghvi

Product-Market-Earth Fit: Evolving Your Product Practice to Include Climate Considerations

Becky Flint

Getting Promoted: Applying Product Portfolio Management for Growth & Impact

Seena Iype & Preetika Subramaniam

Alice in Cyberland: Demystify Security For Product Managers

Michelle Kelley

Learn ‘Life or Death Listening’ from a former FBI hostage negotiator

Lori Edwards

Navigating Product Leadership: A Hands-on Exploration for Aspiring Managers

Ngozi Ofoche

Designing and Influencing to Build Responsible Tech

Sabrina Rzepka

Navigate the Future: Master the Art of Skill Stacking

Stage Speakers


Dessa Augsburger

Adapting for Relevance: Evolving Through Organizational Transformation

Amélie Beurrier

How to Succeed at Freelancing in Product

Tiffany Chang

Intention and Integrity: Your Roadmap to Impact

Evelyn Chou

From WIP to CLG: Celebrating Growth, Fostering Community

Chon (Choon) Chua

The Critical Role of Product Managers in Human-Centered AI

Kristin Costas

Daily Presence for the Future Executive

Sarah Field

Case Study: From Chaos to Clarity User Feedback’s Role in Complex Systems

Evelyn Gosnell

What can products learn from the psychology of human connection?

Lisa Huang-North

Fortifying Your Product: A PM’s Guide to Building Secure Products

Helen Huang

FAANG to Founder: PM Skills in the Startup World (and vice versa)

Alexandra Hurworth

Evolving Your Questions: Asking with Maximum Impact

Jamaila Holder

Product Whisperer – Transform The Product at Startups as an Advisor

Lauren Krieberg

AI Too Well: ML’s Version

Alisa Kurt

Engineering Degree Not Required

Jasmine Lawrence

Build, Balance, Boost: A Platform PM’s Playbook

Diya Parial

Mastering Work-Life Balance in these Hybrid Times

Kashmira Patel

A PM’s Guide To Managing Cloud Costs

Rachna Sethi

Mastering Product Architecture: Insights and Strategies for Success

Shweta Shrivastava

Moonshots to Milestones: Setting Goals for a Long-Term Vision

Gayle Silverman

Egos & Emails: Navigating How Teams Talk

Marie-Ange Tagne

Flip it like a fixer-upper: Launch your product and avoid the flop

Ketaki Vaidya

The Road Less Traveled: Ethical Considerations in A/B Testing

Jennifer Wong

Thriving in Non-Product-Led Environments: Navigating Success in Product

Senior and Executive Table Discussions


Nic Amos

What’s the Tea on Executive Presence: 6 Tips to excel your career

Kalia Aragon & Janice Fraser

Classroom Chronicles: Lessons from Women Trailblazers Shaping the Future

Christy Consler

Reversing the Shortage of Women in Leadership Roles


Evolve & Excel as a Product Leader: Actionable Strategies from SPMB Executive Search