The Resume Database

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How do I submit my resume to the resume database?

You can upload your resume to the database through our Women In Product Career Center. Follow these steps!

  1. Access the Women In Product Career Center “Manage Resumes” page here.
  2. If you’ve already got an account, sign in. If you are new, follow the instructions to create a new account.
  3. You’ll be directed to the Resumes page where you can upload or build a resume, under the “Create a new resume” section.
  4. Fill out the appropriate details. Check the box to enable your resume and save!

And that’s it! You can explore open product roles we have on our Career Center, too.

Why should you submit your resume?

  • Get your resume in before the conference, but it “lives on.” Companies have access to it all year. That’s right, until May 2024.
  • Your contact information won’t be shared — you’ll be entirely anonymous — until recruiters reach out to you on our Career Center and ask for your info. Only you can allow sponsors to contact you.
  • You have total control — take it down, update your resume, upload multiple resumes, and select the one you want recruiters to see.
  • You’ll already have an account for our Women In Product Career Center, where we source open product roles to assist you in your job search!