2023 Transcripts

Women In Product Conference

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Build Together Stage – Day 1


Ami Vora

Lessons Learned on the Way to CPO

Malaika Paquiot & Ketaki Rao moderated by Rashmi Ramesh

The Path to CPO

Radhika Dutt 

Why product-led transformation goes wrong, and what to do instead

Cindy Brummer

Product Design Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

Katie Skibinski & Ambreen Molitor

Innovation for Social Good: How Your Next Job Could Change the World

Shubhi Nigam

Community-Led Product: What Today’s PMs Should Know

Kate Leto

Emotional Intelligence: The Missing Skills in your Product Stack

Kimberly Wagner

Being Human at Work: Practical Tools for You and Your Team

Paz Zuniga & Erika Torres

So you are a social scientist! Leveraging social science in PM

Laura Marino & Jessica Sweeney

Swimming with Whales: Tips for B2B Enterprise Product Leaders

Apoorva Tyagi

Scaling Product Management: From Startups to Big Tech

Stephanie Musat

How to Kill Your Product

Didem Sarikaya

Unlock the power of product hypotheses: A scientific approach to strategy

Build What’s Next Stage – Day 1


Trisha Price

Leveraging your technical degree on your path to the C-suite

Ellen Grace Henson

Consulting as a career path: 3 key topics to explore

Jacquelin Hansel

Building Tech Products for Gen Z – The World’s Largest Generation

Emily Foshee

Moving Slow & Moving Fast: Building What’s Next in Your Career

Christine Imaizumi

How to Better Leverage Design in your Product Strategy

Nabarupa Banerjee

Building AI for trust

Valentina Thoerner

Fertilizer for your Remote Product Team: Growing Performance from Afar

Lori Edwards

2 Truths and a Lie about People Management

Shadi Rostami & Somer Simpson

Better Together: Joining Product and Engineering Teams to Optimize Product

Build TOGETHER Stage – Day 2


Natalia Castillejo

Building Products with Generative AI

Phyl Terry & Allison H. Mnookin

Never Search Alone: The Job Seeker’s Playbook

Charis Loveland

AI in 25 minutes: What Every Product Manager Should Know

Farah Abdallah Akoum

Leading through the AI revolution

Ebony Smith

Foresight Essentials for Leaders

Samantha Gonzalez & Tess Hermes

Embracing Radical Uncertainty in Product

Jordan Sale

Making the Jump to Director & VP – Leveling Up Your Career – And Your Pay

SuiLin Yap

Your toolkit to navigate the next reorg

Evelyn Chou

From Product to Business: Elevating from Product Lead to Head of Product

Anica John & Adithi Sampath

Built to last – 3 recession-proof strategies for Senior PMs

Mace Cheng

Joining a startup? Think like an investor

Sunita Parbhu

Making Leaps & Bounds!

Build WHAT’s NEXT Stage – Day 2


Kalia Aragon

Privacy, for all: How to build privacy minded products

Michelle Pruitt

Building a Fair and Inclusive Metaverse

Becky Asch, Sandy Edwards & Tal Oppenheimer

What’s Next in Product Management?

Deena Minwalla, Ellie Williams, & Corleen Heidgerken

Creating a Culture of Support: From Job Council to Peer Council

Nic Amos

Build an Easier Job Search: How AI Can Help You Get Hired Faster

Shyvee Shi

Finding Your Voice to Establish Your Village

Kasey Hobson & Logan Petty

From Mentee to Mentor: Building the next generation of Women in Product

Raena Saddler, Tulsee Doshi, Imani Dunbar, moderated by Anne Diaz

How to Make Your Products More Fair, Equitable and Inclusive

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